Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triple, Quad and new parsers

Today marks the introduction of two new classes, Triple and Quad. Both are simple classes that define an object that holds three other objects and four other objects respectively. I'm using Triple like so (species name, latitude, longitude) and similarly Quad (species name, latitude, longitude, metadata). The new parsers will take any kind of deliminated file (csv, tsv, basic shapefile) and return an array of Triples or Quads. These arrays can then be passed to the latitude/longitude/altitude calculating functions which will iterate through the nodes assigning latitude/longitude/altitude.

If it seems convoluted right now that's because it is. I'm still working out flow control (see my previous thoughts on storeTree). My approach is to get all the functions I need written and have them all called in a particular order. Magic class takes care of this for the user with the lovely toKML(). Alternatively, the user can call most of the library's functions from their own program. I'm not sure if this is an ideal solution. Another approach is to have the functions private and call each other when needed. I'm hesitant to do this because it will limit the flexibility of the library. The code will be up on github later this evening.

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