Monday, June 28, 2010

Jak working

I finally got Jak working (mostly, it compiles with errors, but if you ignore them the sample file will work and you get a very basic kml file, but it's kml non the less). To get it to work, must be installed following the instructions here. This is not an ideal situation for my library as I would like it to be self contained and I don't want to make the user install other libraries in addition to phyloGeoRef. This may mean I'll have to find another KML writing library or write my own. Considering the time frame I think it is still early enough that I would be willing to give writing my own KML writers a shot. This would cut into time I would have otherwise spent writing more parsers to support more filetypes. This doesn't mean more filetypes won't be supported it just makes for more work. At the moment I feel motivated to add this extra bit of work and I think I can still work in additional parser writing. I'll work on it this week in addition to my planned work on the tree location algorithms and see how it goes.

EDIT: The more I play around with jak, the more I discover the cool things it can do. It might be a good idea to keep it after all.

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