Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slightly new direction

I've changed up the project plan a little bit. A draft of the new outline is up on the wiki. I also wanted to give a quick, high-level outline of how I want the library to work:

myTree = openTree( treeFile ) //myTree is a phylogeny object

myCoords = parseCSV( inCSVfile ) //myCoords is a List of coords

treeForKML = calculate_node_coords(myTree, myCoords ) //treeForKML is a kml tree object
//this function will actually be quite complex and probably a series of functions by the time it's complete, but this should be hidden from the user.

writeKML( tree_for_kml )

The first two functions have already been written and I'm currently working on iterators for moving through or "walking" the trees. Phylogeny objects already define spatial information for nodes so it will simply be a matter of assigning the proper coordinates at each node. Actually calculating the coordinates will be a much bigger challenge and the focus of next week and the following week of my project.

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