Thursday, June 3, 2010

Java's lack of tuples

Switching between Python in my 'day job' and Java for my SoC project is making me wish I could combine the two and have the best of both worlds. I'm currently working on functions that assign altitude, latitude and longitude to nodes in a tree. Currently this info is stored in a List object but I think that may be a mistake. This is a situation I wish I could use Python's tuple or C++'s Pair. I may end up just defining a simple class that imitates this behavior to store this spatial data. This is from Wikipedia:

public class Pair<T, S>{
public Pair(T f, S s){
first = f;
second = s;

public T getFirst(){
return first;

public S getSecond() {
return second;

public String toString() {
return "(" + first.toString() + ", " + second.toString() + ")";

private final T first;
private final S second;
It does basically what I want, a simple object to store lat/long pairs. With a list iterator to parse the lines from the CSV file to get the leaf lat/long this should work out well for storing lat/long pairs. Altitude is determined by nodeAltitude = a + ((n-1)*b) where a is the altitude of a node with only terminal leafs (based on the size of the tree), b is the altitude of nodes that are ancestral to more than one node and n is the number of node from the current node to the leaf. I'm still working on how to calculate lat/long for non terminal nodes. Suggestions welcome!

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