Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello Code

An update of what I've been doing during the SoC bonding period.

First of all, information about the project will be kept mainly in 3 places:

Github will host the actual code and a rough draft of the documentation will be kept on the github wiki.

This blog will have updates of what I'm currently working on and the current state of the project.

Phyloinformatics wiki is a semi-static page that has general info about the project and the project plan. This will be updated as I complete tasks, but this blog should be considered the most up to date record of the project.

Currently trying to decide between NetBeans and Eclipse, any suggestions are welcome.

Open source java libraries
Jak is a java API for kml
BioJava has methods for reading and building phylogenetic trees
GeoPhyloBuilder implements trees in 3D space
freegis has many open source java libraries and applications
java-source has some more open source geo-java libraries and programs

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